Issue No5 [International]

Prize Draw / Whisky Bible

The winner of the Blackadder Web Site Prize Draw for a rare miniature of
5cl 40 year Old Blairfindy was Bo Daugaard from Denmark.
The miniature will be in the post this week.

Bo won the prize when he applied to receive regular mailings of
the Blackadder Black Watch newsletter.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up with us.
We very much appreciate you being with us.

For the month of April we are running a second prize draw for a
second miniature of Blairfindy so if you have not already subscribed to
The Black Watch apply now and you could win the April 2004 prize miniature.

BLACKADDER as featured in
Jim Murray's Whisky Bible

A total of 36 Blackadder whiskies are featured in the 2004 Edition
of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. The average score received by these whiskies
was a stunning 84.7 out of 100. To discover more about these whiskies and
other high quality single malts from Blackadder International.

- The second highest scoring Bruichladdich (out of 22) was Blackadder Raw Cask (89)
- The second highest scoring Cragganmore (out of 10) was Blackadder Raw Cask (89)
- The highest scoring Arran (out of 7) was Blackadder Raw Cask (90)
- The highest scoring Glenturret (out of 12) was from Blackadder (93)
- The second highest scoring Springbank (out of 27) was Blackadder Raw Cask (93)
- The highest scoring Tormore (out of 4) was Blackadder Raw Cask (79)
- The highest scoring Clynelish (out of 28) was Blackadder Raw Cask (94)
- The Blackadder Raw Cask Bowmore 1991 was the eighth highest scoring Bowmore (89)
(those scoring higher were all much older whiskies) out of 39 reviewed
- Blackadder Raw Cask 21 yo Blairfindy was the second highest scoring Glenfarclas (91)
(29 total reviewed) - the highest scoring being the 40 year old Glenfarclas!
- Also, Blackadder Smoking Islay scored (86)
making it one of the highest scoring young whiskies in the book!
- And last, but by no means least, Old Man of Hoy 58% (under 10 years old) scored (89)
making it the 10th equal highest scoring of all 36 Highland Parks tasted.
All those scoring higher were a lot older!!!

Jim Murray considers that whiskies scored at over 75 are average,
over 80 are good, over 85 are very good to excellent and definitely worth buying,
over 90 are brilliant and 94 and over are superstar whiskies!
Published: 2004-03-31