Issue No 18 [International]

Blackadder importer and distributor in Canada

Blackadder is delighted to announce the appointment of an importer and distributor in Canada

George Stephens and Associates of Fisherville, Ontario is now looking after the Blackadder family of whiskies in Canada. However, because of the difficulties caused by the government monopoly control of whisky sales, availability of Blackadder whiskies is likely to only be through special import, at least for the moment. Canadians wishing to obtain all Blackadder whiskies, including our Silver Award winning Smoking Islay and Peat Reek and our Gold Award winning Blairfindy (Malt Maniacs 2005 "blind" tastings) as well as whiskies from our extensive selection of Raw Cask Single Cask bottlings should contact Jan Heastont (905) 779-0395 or by e-mail:

Blackadder friends in the USA can also expect some exciting news soon......

The summer in Europe is hot and the earth is fast becoming a planet that most of us would probably like to escape from. But since most of us don't have that option yet the only sensible alternative is to try to keep cool, enjoy the summer if we are lucky enough to have the time and opportunity to be able to do so, and hope our politicians can start behaving like loving, caring human beings instead of genocidal maniacs.

Unfortunately, the lessons of history show that pigs are likely to start flying before they will ever stop lying to us and think for long enough to understand that they were put there to serve we the people rather than kill us.

So what else is there to do instead of complain and campaign? Well, Blackadder has been busy selecting several more choice casks of single malt for us to start enjoying when it begins to get a little cooler again, if it ever does. He has selected some mouth-watering (promise!) whiskies from a selection of different ages and regions. All single cask bottlings, all 100% natural, non coloured and non-chill filtered whiskies.

These casks are now being moved into the bottling hall and bottling will take place during August and early September. More news will follow soon about these delightfully delectable drams, so watch this space!

Never let a day go buy without a good word and a good dram!

Published: 2006-07-25